Godiva's Secret Wigs

Competing against bigger wig companies is not an easy task. It was essential that Godiva’s Secret Wigs (GSW) stand out from the competition. Understanding that almost 50% of the visitors were over age 55 and 85% of the visitors were female was critical in the initial design.


  • Web Design - Built on Big Commerce, the back end of this website is user friendly to allow the staff at GSW to easily add, remove and change products.
  • Hubspot Implementation - Content creation is one of the biggest success factors when it comes to SEO. Moving to Hubspot CMS allows GSW to organize their content into topic clusters and track individual blog performance to determine which posts to optimize and create additional content.
  • Hubspot & Website support - Ongoing optimization of key pages based on visitor behavior, management and execution of multiple email campaigns.
Godiva's Secret Wigs


Godiva's Secret Wigs has been our client since 2013.

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