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How to play the SEO game in 2020

Getting found on search engines should be a top priority for any company.

According to Google, 71% of B2B researchers start with a generic search and 90% of B2B researchers use search engines specifically to research business purchases.

The SEO game has changed.


Think Topic Clusters

The algorithm for search engines has shifted away from keywords towards topic-based content.

We help you organize and structure your content so that your related articles are centered around a pillar page and topic cluster in order to rank higher on search engines.


Continuous Improvement

Content marketing is the long game.

Knowing which article to focus on is half the battle.

The other half is analyzing visitor behavior and optimizing the blog content and structure to increase key SEO metrics, including Time on Page and Bounce Rate.


Conversion Optimization

It’s not enough to generate traffic to your website. You need to make sure that once a visitor lands on your page, you engage with them.

Placing Call to Action (CTA) in the right place, having internal links to related articles, and having well-timed pop-up forms are all ways to increase conversion rates on your most popular articles.

Strategy is everything.

Here is a great place to get started.

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